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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

Training Log 02/19-02/25 KB Sport Training

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by , 02-24-2011 at 02:19 PM (1357 Views)
Note: just recovering from a low-back strain from some really dumb dead lifts. Not the DL's fault.

[B]02/19 16kg Biathlon
Warm up and stretch
16kg TGU: 1/1
Hang stretch, close grip
DSW: 2x10 to warm up
DFSQ: 2x5, a few dbl OH SQ

Jerk: 16kg 3' @6rpm
SN: alternating 15rpm, 2:00R,1:30L
10 decent jerks and 15/15 snatches for video
Run 1mi/8:20, almost non-stop[/B]

Notes: Shirtless jerks are sexy but not useful, especially with kettlebells. Trouble launching and getting into 2nd dip. Lower back didn't hurt at all.

Need to do something else with snatches, some sort of RKC/EDT thing with decreasing rests and more volume. 30/30 is not improving.

02/20 16kg Long Cycle Sunday
Warm up, stretch, windmills 6/6
Sgl OH SQ: a few, felt good
Center-line MP: 3/3, felt good.

all 2x16
FSQ: 2x5
Dbl Jerk SQ: 4x10 video
Dbl OH SQ: 2x10 video
Dbl Jerk: 5/1:00 video, by mistake instead of Long Cycle :-D
Dbl LCCJ: 4' @5rpm video

SN: 20/20/20/20 video. Skin done.[/B]

Note: felt fine at the end of the session, a little tired, a tad sore. Unreal DOMS afterward. A wide swath across my back at the lower T-spine from Sunday night through Wednesday. Probably overdid OH SQ work.

[B]02/21 BWE
Sun sals: 4/4
Hanging knee raises: 15
Straight BR: 20
Half pullups: 11[/B]

[B]02/22 Biathlon postponed for overnight work
Sun salutations: 4/4
Hanging knee raises: 15
Straight BR: 20
Half squats: 10/10
Tested 20kg OA jerk and snatch after work, not bad at all. Get 8hrs sleep tonight.

[B]02/23 Wed Biathlon
Warm up and stretch
16kg TGU: 1/1
2x16kg Jerk: 5m @6rpm, 3' done
SN: alt @15rpm strict 4' alt

1mi run 8:40
Felt fine, even though jerks stalled out. Started sneezing in the shower, continued all day into the night. Feels like allergies, came on in seconds. Do not train sick tomorrow morning.

[B]02/24 much sick, BWE
sun salutations 5/5
Cossacks 5/5
Hang stretch :25, :30
Half pistols: 2x5/5 EZ on the L![/B]

For the first time, I didn't pause and take pistols slow and cautiously. Left side went up and down like a piston. Right side "worked". Did some singles later to show off.

Symptoms came on like allergies, persisted like cold. Will train in the morning if I feel better.

02/25 skipped for recovery

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