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John Beamon, HKC - the first years

This journal details roughly my first years of active KB training logs. Discussions and training summaries were moved to [url][/url] in the Spring of 2010.

  1. Training Log 02/28/10 ROP - Wk 4

    by , 02-23-2010 at 03:20 AM (John Beamon, HKC - the first years)
    [B]02/23/10 L
    C&P: 5x2-rung
    Pullup: 8+6+7+5UH (*1)
    Bench Pistols: 3/3x2
    SLDL: 5/5x2
    Sn: 7/7x5 (*2)[/B]

    *1 could not finish last rung of 4, and didn't do any OH. Completed 5 straight OH on Sunday, just burnt out today. *2 Did not adhere to strict :30/:30, but completed 5 sets in about 7min with sock gloves.

    Kept clean form for presses. Need to practice perfect form on those. I get the feeling I'm training a sort of bent press on the ...

    Updated 02-28-2010 at 04:27 PM by johnbeamon

  2. Training Log 02/21/10 ROP Wk 3

    by , 02-19-2010 at 05:41 AM (John Beamon, HKC - the first years)
    A "grip" problem I've been bothered by since the 01/10/10 HKC is not muscular; it's neural. My left hand's given out 3 times during swings. To test in a way safer than swings, I took a Farmer's Walk with two bells. The tingle at my armpit became a burn in my forearm, then two fingers went numb. Ulnar nerve, definitely. Katie modified my Z-Health routine, and I've scaled back my workout some. Long-cycle C&P, different grip during swings, etc.
    02/16 Light day ...

    Updated 02-22-2010 at 05:51 AM by johnbeamon

  3. Training Log 02/014/2010 - RoP wk 2

    by , 02-14-2010 at 04:58 PM (John Beamon, HKC - the first years)
    [B]02/09 Light Day
    @16kg, warmup as usual: wall squats, halos
    Presses: 5x2-rung
    Pullups: 6 to 2 (3 and 2 OH)
    Tactical Lunges: 2x3ea
    Goblet Squats: 2x5
    Snatches: 6/6 6min
    Cool down as usual
    Threw in lunges and squats for much-needed leg work. 6 straight pullups may be a PR. Working out kinks in snatch, but it's not native yet. 6/6 is not any more productive than 5/5; roll back and fix my form. I should take my time and do progressions ...
  4. Training Log 02/07/2010 - RoP wk 1

    by , 02-07-2010 at 05:02 PM (John Beamon, HKC - the first years)
    [B]02/02 Light Day
    @16kg, warmup as usual: TGU, wall squats, halos
    Presses: 5x2
    Pullups: 5-down ladder + 2 by mistake
    Snatches: 5/5 6min
    Cool down as usual
    Snatched with sock gloves for 6min. Everything my last consult told me about snatches -- hips back before the arm drops, bend at the elbow -- doesn't work for me at all. Hurts like a bad joke. I'm comfortable with Whitley's thumb-index pinch at the top and an arc about 18" out. The question ...
  5. Training Log 01/31/2010 - The 16kg RoP

    by , 02-01-2010 at 04:09 AM (John Beamon, HKC - the first years)
    Began my first actual ETK RoP today with a press baseline test. I'm excited at how well this started. I've got specific things to work on. Grip (swings), press endurance, long pullup sets, develop variety days, develop snatch into something useful and safe. Take pictures and video.

    [B]warmup as usual[/B]
    [B]Press: 3-rung test, finished 5 sets[/B]
    [B]Pullups: 3-rung[/B]
    [B]Swings: 20 x 9min (dice roll)
    cool down as usual
    First, ...
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