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Return of the Kettlebell

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by , 08-14-2009 at 11:08 AM (1265 Views)
Week 2 of the Grind Block

24kg snatch & Presses
32kg snatch & presses

[B]Snatch Press & Squat[/B]
Attempting 4 Ladders of Uneven Double Snatch, Double Uneven Press, followed by 5 Dbl Uneven front squats at the top of each ladder

[INDENT]Load: 32kg + 24kg
Starting with 32kg in non-dominant arm
Ladder 1: 2'50" failed 1st attempt on rung 3
Ladder 2: 7'25"
Ladder 3: 13'40"
Ladder 4 20'53" (4th ladder is questionable, had to use a knee dip on the 2nd & 3rd rungs.)

Bounced a tennis ball between ladders for A.R[/INDENT].

[B]Touch & Go Deadlifts[/B]
Trying 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down = 2 minutes under tension per set.
2x20 Grip is getting fatigued!!!!

1 upside press of the 24kg per arm. SOLID!
Really increasing focus on the tension in the legs has stabilized the U.D.P. on the left arm.

Saw my reflection, I can see new muscular development already. Time to [B][I]EAT![/I][/B]
171lbs (down from 175 yesterday)
12.3% Body Fat

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