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by , 04-10-2009 at 04:28 PM (958 Views)

Prep- Z, Roll to press stretchs- 12kg, Armbars- 16kg

Press to Elbow 16kg- 5/5 + 2 tact pullups
Press to Elbow 24kg- 3/3 +2 tact pullups

Press to Elbow + Elbow to Post 16kg- 5/5 + 2 pu
Press to Elbow + Elbow to Post 24kg- 3/3 +2 pu x 2sets

[U]Supersets x 2 sets[/U]
Pullovers 16kg- 10
Straight leg situp w/ kb over head 16kg- 5

Crushcurls 16kg- 5
Russian twists 12kg- 10/10
Pullover to knees 16kg- 10

-right knee is swollen and tight, very little mobility so did nothing for legs.


[U]Circuit x 5sets :30sec rest[/U]
DL 32kg- 5reps
2hSw 24kg- 15reps
1hDL 16kg- 10/10reps

-Deadlifts and swings dont seem to bother my knee to much it is slowly getting better, taking the next 2 days off in hopes it is better for Saturdays class.


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