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Iphone and Android apps to boost tourism backed by Government

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by , 06-26-2019 at 04:17 AM (199 Views)
The government is to help the £90bn tourism industry adopt modern mobile technologies as part of an action plan launched by tourism minister. The government said it wanted destinations to work with [URL=""]buy android app downloads[/URL] suppliers and industry to provide better information.

Destinations were encouraged to develop and maintain local visitor informaiton on iPhone and Android applications (apps) so tourists have an tour guide in their pockets, Hence will always know where to find the nearest ATM, Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Indian restaurant or public toilet.

The apps could also incorporate booking facilities that will allow tourists to book into local attractions, cinemas, and venues with visitor attraction information. Mobile applications for travel information were considered an important part of this.

The plan hopes to use mobile technologies to give UK visitors more information through smartphones, The focus will be mainly on iPhone and Android mobile applications in addition to traditional marketing literature leaflets and websites, In order to make UK destinations more accessible for visitors by surfing on handheld devices.

The UK tourism industry is very important to the UK economy as it yeilds £90 in revenue, supports 1.36 million jobs. business and helps over 190,000 businesses. Tourism is a integral part of the economy and will play an important role in mapping out the road to economic recovery. The Royal Wedding and the Olympics are key dates that will spur interest in UK in bound holiday makers.

The Ipad is launched in the UK today. Hundreds queue up at department stores across Europe for the most anticipated launch of a consumer product this year.

Apple has already sold 1 million devices in the US. Projected annual sales of 10 million are seen as conservative as the Ipad. Apples controlled roll out of its products esnures that its price and markets are defined and serviced with precision.

Enthusiasm about the iPad will help strengthen Apple’s market profile. On Wednesday, the company overtook Microsoft as the world’s biggest technology company based on market value.

Other PC and electronic goods manufacturers have launched similar types of tablets. Amazon has launched the Kindle, which has had a muted response given the success of the Ipad soon to be launched tablets include Dell's Streak tablet computer,SONY corporation are looking to launch thier e-reader by the end of the year.

A European agreement with publishers is yet to be signed, as there are concerns from some corners that pricing and markets may be distorted by the new apple book store. Other developments by Apple includes the launch of the 4GS iphone in June 2010

As of May 22, the iPad was actually the most searched computer in the UK, accounting for nearly a quarter of all laptop-themed searches. However, the iPad still has a way to go before it overtakes the iPhone to become the UK’s most searched-for consumer electronics product.

Apple has revolutionised the portable/mobile computer markets. It can be said with certainty that the ipad will see demand for its products outstrip rival.
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