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by , 08-15-2011 at 04:23 AM (1139 Views)

Warm Up: JM
30:60 with 24K 4 rounds:
Round 1 and 3: 2h swings
Rounds 2 and 4: planks

Rest 2 minutes then on to 2 hand swings with 24K, 11 swings TOM for 6

No HR Data, did not wear monitor.

***Tommorow will complete the Josh Hillis 21 day swing challenge. I also combined this with Geoff Neupert's KB Burn quickstart which is getups/swings. I didn't think there would be any issues with combining these programs since both focus on PM. Josh's program has a max workout of 20min (most days are 5 to 10 min) and the quickstart is a max of 10 min. I still have 8 more days on Geoff's program after tommorow.


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