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Saturday kettlebell class

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by , 04-10-2010 at 08:44 AM (1289 Views)
2H swings 16kg 10,12,14,16
Snatch 12kg L3/R3
Farmers Walk 8kg/12kg
Double swings 8kg/12kg 10,12,14,16
Switch bells
Double swings 8kg/12kg 10,12,14,16
Farmers Walk 8kg/12kg

After the circuit, did a GSQ complex:

12kg GSQ complex, no rest or setting down KB
1 - hold 1 at bottom
2 - hold 2 at bottom on last rep
3 - hold 3 at bottom on last rep
4 - hold 4 at bottom on last rep
5 - hold 5 at bottom on last rep
6 - hold 6 at bottom on last rep
7 - hold 7 at bottom on last rep
8 - hold 8 at bottom on last rep

After this, did some supervised snatch practice:
12kg L1/R1,L2/R2,L3/R3; 2x through

Michelle wants me to practice snatches during my solo workouts as L5/R5, L5/R5, Rest 30 sec


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