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Makena White

Training Log: July 20th, 2006

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by , 07-19-2006 at 11:00 PM (570 Views)
2006-07-20PM; didn't think I was going to make it to wrestling today, but schedules changed and I got there. Started out warming up no-gi with a newish guy; just wanted to get the blood moving. I have been playing a lot of x-guard, arm drags a la Marcelo Garcia; it actually works pretty well for me when I play this way so I will continue to explore it--I actually ended up taking the back several times rather easily.

After putting his head out, we entered into the class. Worked on pummeling to warmup, then shots up and down the mat, and finally shots with a partner working for doubles and slowly ratcheting up the intensity. Next up we worked on ways to sprawl on shots, and once stopped, ways to turn a shooter over--crossface, quarter nelsons and gator rolls. Crossfaces and quarter nelsons are staples of my grappling, but the gator roll was something I didn't have down and learned a great deal from practicing. Finally we put it all together in intervals of one guy attacking and one guy defending.

Rolled with a big guy named Jason; headlocked him and floored him, then latched onto his arm for a kimura but he was gripping his other hand preventing me from finishing the hold. As he did he kind of shrimped up for better leverage, so I just let go of his arm, scissored his head with my legs and reached out for a toehold. I caught it and gave his ankle a little twist and CRACK! as it buckled several degrees. I jumped up off of him, I seriously thought I had broken his leg but it turned out that I had just wrenched it a bit. It seemed like I had better quit while I was still ahead, so I bailed.



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