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Makena White

Training Log: July 19th, 2006

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by , 07-18-2006 at 11:00 PM (606 Views)
2006-07-19PM; today was my brother's birthday...respect. Trained anyway, since I'm taking him out tomorrow. Started training by rolling with 'Imi, he started doing the same fucking thing. I pass his guard and he get to side control, but the instant I shift my weight to do something offensive, he just rolls onto his belly and tries to square up to me so he can either shoot in a double from his knees and take me down, or he just sets back away from me and is back to open guard. It drives me nuts. So far he has the upper hand with this one move. I dominate every other aspect of our matches, but this move fucks with me because every time I pass his guard it takes some energy, and he just replaces it without doing almost anything. I spent more time thinking about it and since I like turtle too, I have an idea of what to do to defeat this tactic. Next time he goes belly down I am going to go for back mount instantly, and teach him the cost of exposing his back, which so far I haven't been doing.

Anyway, after a spell class started, so we never got to conclude our match after about ten minutes of rolling. In class I worked with a big guy from Niteroi, Paulo, maybe two fiddy. Relson showed two ways to sweep from half guard, and two ways to pass from half guard and I drilled them with Paulo till the end of the class. After that Paulo wanted to test his abilities, so we squared off in some matches, I finished them all with lapel chokes and americanas from the side and called it a night.



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