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Never Lie Down To Train Fatigue Cycling - Beyond Bodybuilding

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by , 05-26-2010 at 03:19 PM (1512 Views)
As of today, May 26th 2010 I have started The Fatigue Cycling from Beyond Bodybuilding (p. 20)“Never Lie Down to Train Program” with three different exercises—done to increase difficulty.
The routine is simple: Perform the exercises three days of week—Monday – Wednesday – Friday—alternating between Routine A and Routine B.
For clarification: sets x repetitions pertaining to the lifts, not the sprints.

Routine A
  • Controlled Fatigue Training VO2 – 36 x 36 sec. sprint interval
  • Deadlift – 3x3
  • Weighted Pullup pronation alternating supination each set – 5x5
  • Pistol – 5x3
  • LC Clean & Jerk – 5x5-10 {10 being maximum]

Routine B
  • LC Clean & Jerk – 5x5-10
  • Pistol – 5x3
  • Deadlift – 3x3
  • Weighted Pullup – 5x5
  • Finisher – 36:36 sec. sprint interval
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are nothing more than a few sets of abdominal exercises (e.g. hanging leg raise, planks, dragon fly, ab wheel—no more than 5reps) and/or stretching. That is all.
Saturdays are an easy day of Snatches, maybe followed by a Lizard Crawl and/or The Russian Laundry.
Today 5/26

Routine A
  • Controlled Fatigue Training VO2 – 5 sets 36:36 sec. sprint interval
  • Deadlift – 315lbs 3x3
  • Weighted Pullup – bodyweight 200lbs + 25lbs 5x5
  • Pistol – 12kg 5x3
  • LC Clean & Jerk – 24kg +24kg 5x5
For Fun: Head Strap Neck Harness – 12kg 1x15
Workout completed in 1hr. 3min. – 1:03



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