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Training Log: September 8th, 2005

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by , 09-07-2005 at 11:00 PM (389 Views)
Dear Mr. Tsatsouline,

I studied your book and video "Bulletproof Abs" with great interest, and am thrilled to have learned the most effective scientific Eastern European training secrets. I have an important question: in the book you say to get the book "Power Stretching" to learn why relaxed stretching etc. doesn't work to lengthen a shortened Psoas muscle (which, as you say is typically shortened with e.g. ballet dancers). I tried to find one of your books with that title but there is no book "Power Stretching".

Could you tell me the correct title or the correct book to get in this case(for stretching the psoas, and correcting a arched lower back and forward neck posture/low-back pain)? Thank you for your time and help!


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