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Low Testosterone: The Root Cause of Getting Old

Before anything else, we need to start with the basics – the basics of what define a man’s physical, sexual, mental, reproductive, and genetic characteristics.
And it doesn’t get any more basic than the bedrock from which all of these characteristics spring forth from: testosterone.
See, testosterone is the genetic rock from which your male attributes are built. It’s what literally dictates your identity as a man.
[B]Testosterone is singularly responsible for the development of physical, sexual, reproductive, and mental attributes that are characterized as masculine. That includes the following:[/B]

[LIST][*]Penile and testicular development[*]Libido and sex drive[*]Energy and drive[*]Sperm production and motility[*]Bone density and muscle mass[*]Metabolism[*]Hair growth, deep voice, and other attributes related to appearance[/LIST]
Quite frankly, testosterone is central to every man’s physical, sexual, and mental health – and low amounts of it can take a toll on your body.
Deficient testosterone levels make for common joke fodder, but it certainly isn’t a laughing matter for those who suffer from its effects.
That’s because testosterone-deficient men are at a higher risk of developing serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
And we’ve barely scratched the surface of what testosterone deficiency can mean for men who suffer from it.

Unfortunately, many men resign themselves to living with the consequences of low testosterone, essentially consigning themselves to a life lived by, well, old men – a life constrained by the limits imposed by aging.

Nathan Matthews
Article Writer
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