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Tuesday 16th June 2009

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by , 06-16-2009 at 03:04 PM (1041 Views)
No exercise today, keeping it easy. After a recent very slight back injury, I've begun to think that when I am doing such high volume work with the C+P's I'm definitely going to increase rest time between ladders. Not reps, but after doing 1 x 2, 3, 5, I won't do another ladder till an hour or more later, etc. I do them throughout the day, with swings/snatches at the end of it, and chin-ups in the middle of the day. The same will probably be for when I've just started handling the 24kg, but once I feel comfortable with it, compress ladder time again.

I'm also thinking about limiting variety day exercise. I don't know what, but I'm definitely thinking I want to keep push-ups as my 'vanity exercise', and special pulls and presses, as they assist in progressing in the main part of the program. I think goblet squats just do a few single reps just for strength and flexibility, no set sets and reps. Deadlifts I can't make my mind up. It might be a case having lots more rest between sets as I mentioned above on the variety days will do the trick, or maybe I should cut out deadlifts for a while. Then again, it might be a case that I just need to cut down on variety day work (deads and squats) when doing such high volume work on the normal training days.

I don't know, I think for the meanwhile continue with exercises on variety days, but limit sets and reps on special swings, increase rest time between sets on variety and workout days (barring press-ups on the Tuesday), and limit goblet squats to just a few, and see how it goes. I personally think increasing such rest time between sets on the workout days will be the key to it.


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