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Common healthy food myths

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by , 05-10-2019 at 12:27 AM (370 Views)
Health is wealth and anything that puts it on risk, should be avoided and for that the policy of ‘precaution is better than cure’ is good to accept. Healthy food is the first attraction when it comes to your love from your health.

However, sometimes we become so possessed by these things that some myths enter in our routine life and affect our habits. It is always good to have the knowledge of the other side of the coin and know what exactly hides behind a perception.

Following are some common myths about the healthy food that you should know about.

[LIST=1][*][B]Vitamin C keeps you away from cold[/B][/LIST]
Undoubtedly, Vitamin C is an enriching nutrient that is necessary for the body. It is commonly known to have a prevention feature against cold but the researchers have found no such fact. They do not see any relation between vitamin c and prevention of cold.

[LIST=1][*][B]Many mini meals in the place of three big meals are better[/B][/LIST]

You can usually find this suggestion on the diet chart given by the dieticians to their clients. It is considered that metabolism improves and more calories burn when you take many meals in small amount. But some studies have proved that there is no significant difference between the metabolism of those who take many meals
and those who take three big meals.
[LIST=1][*][B]Drinking a lot of ice water helps you lose weight[/B][/LIST]

The idea behind this perception is that your body burns more calories to bring down the temperature of the water. To be honest, technically, it is true but its actual impact is insignificant in weight loss. A research suggests that drinking a cup of ice water helps you burn about 4 to 7 calories.

[LIST=1][*][B]Raw carrots have more nutrition value than cooked[/B][/LIST]
This may sound weird but cooked carrots are more nutritious than raw. When carrots are cooked, the tough cellular layers are broken down and releases beta-carotene. Same is the case with the tomatoes. This is why pasta, sauce or juice contains approximately 10 times lycopene just as fresh tomatoes.

[LIST=1][*][B]Organic food is always expensive[/B][*][/LIST]
In some cases, this can be correct but not always. Just calculate the money you spend on fast food at every weekend, or may be every day. Reduce those expenses and you can see the huge difference and can realise that junk food is something that takes more money from your wallet. Organic food is rational in pricing and no one is asking you to borrow funds like [URL=""][B]loans without guarantor [/B][/URL]or a personal loan to follow a lifestyle that has only organic food. It is affordable if you control your other useless and harmful eating habits.

[LIST=1][*][B]Nuts are junk food=[/B][/LIST]
Oh, ooo!! Get rid away of this myth as soon as possible otherwise, someday someone can ask you – ‘are you nuts?

Yes, it is a fact that nuts contain high calories but they certainly are not junk food. You can always count them in the healthy choice. They have high amounts of protein that is good for health. In addition, you can find them the source of unsaturated fats that are known to have beneficial qualities for heart. For instance, - Almonds (per ounce) – have 6 grams of protein, 14 grams of healthy fat. Eating dye roasted or raw nuts are healthier than nuts cooked in oil as they may contain unhealthy fat.

[LIST=1][*][B]Frozen and canned vegetables and fruits are less in nutrition value[/B][/LIST]
It is true in case you grow vegetables and fruits on your own. But the fruits and vegetables in the produce section are processed and canned just after harvesting to bear the routine and long duration of shipping. This makes the loss of vitamin and mineral minimum.

[LIST=1][*][B]It takes years to digest chewing gum [/B][*][/LIST]
Do not get panic if your kid has accidentally swallowed a piece of gum. Just like any other food, it is sure to break into pieces and rest of the undigested part comes out through excretion. Once again, do not worry and just stay cautious about the eating habits of your little human.

[LIST=1][*][B]Brown sugar is more healthy than white sugar[/B][/LIST]
Sugar is sugar, whether it is brown or white. Brown sugar is actually raw sugarcane that has been processed only once. If you process it again and again, it becomes white. The only difference is of colour and nothing else.
Myths are always harmful for every aspect of life. From finances to health issues, you should always stay cautious and stay away from misleading perceptions.
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