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Starting PM on 7/20/10

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by , 07-17-2010 at 11:07 AM (1448 Views)
I have never followed the ETK protocol to the end. I got caught up in the newest protocol that came out. I have never followed any protocol all the way through. I am ending this and partnering with people online here that are doing ETK and we are going to push each other to follow it through to the end.
I have not been constant in my practice because of personal problems but I will change that here and now and finish what I started. I am stoked and scared at the same time. I do not want to disappoint me or this forum, so that is why I am putting this out there.
Next post will be on Monday 7/20/10 as to my workout and feelings pertaining to it.


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    I hope you succeed this time.Sticking to a program is not easy.When you make a program on paper it allways looks a lot easier as in practice.If your program is to heavy drop some items in it and continue until finished.Changing your program too often makes you insecure and your body can't adapt to it.

    Much succes for you Marcel
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