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Training Log: July 3rd, 2008

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by , 07-03-2008 at 12:00 AM (1251 Views)
Yesterday was dead lift day
Today its pistol ladders for gtg
1-4 1 at the top of the hour, 2 at 15 min after, 3 at 30 min after, 4 at 45 min after, etc.

intu flow beginner series for lunch
intermediate series at the gym

pekiti tirsia

angle 8 9 and 5

tapping drills, primary, secondary, and tertiary responses to straight and bent arm lock series
and all the permutations therein you dig?

thai class

rnd 1-
4 count open and closed x6
skip knee 1 x6
2 down elbows, switch leads...x6

kick 3 x 6

rnd 2-
long count x 6
side knees -2 side one in the middle for transition, trap at the triceps and neck x6
jab-straight right-down elbow-snap elbow-down elbow-snap elbow - switch leads x6

kick 3 x 6

rnd 3

mix and match rounds 1 and 2


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