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Training Log: September 6th, 2008

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by , 09-06-2008 at 12:00 AM (1205 Views)
been a while
see my blog if you really want to know what happened in between, though, even there it can be a bit sporadic
dogs were barking, monkeys were clapping, and my dance was about to start......
gogol bordello?
good stuff

any way
3x5 @ 155lb stiff legged dead full reset between each rep and 5 gyro breaths between each set

taught class with 2 students for 5 rings

held 4 rounds of thai pads, 2 right 2 left 1st round jab cross, 2nd round jab cross 4 count (and all the permutations thereof) repeat in opposite lead
double dagger sacai (sp? phonetic- sahkai) meet and pass, gunting, pass, left right, and high low, direct, indirecta, and illistrisimo, if you dig that then dig it, if not, pay for a class somewhere, then dig it

guru dan is coming

friday it was z-health shoulders
thursday was 25 swings w/the 28kg
wed was z-health neck down
tues was 25 pushups or 25 hindu squats alternating
mon was a holiday I built things
sun was the Lords day
sat I destroyed paper
like I said

read my blog, this place is for training notes....

back on your heads


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