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by , 11-23-2008 at 03:23 AM (1221 Views)
nice new forum look
this is great

my plate runs over into a buffet

z today
on day 2 of FMS cert in Mpls at CES
ankle keeps goofing on me, something in there moves,, and the next thing, ankle is locked up,
I goof and get it to move again,
back to normal
sort of

the saga continues

the daily dead is over

been on it for a while now and it is time to switch to a different thing
think it may be diminishing now any way, the return that is
think it will only be a once a day once instead of 3x3
it is maintenance after all

but nothing will happen till I sort this ankle

till then
it will be z and things that allow me to avid that small rangge where it tweaks

rest is an exercise

get to work


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