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Find My iPhone App

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by , 01-12-2020 at 08:54 AM (107 Views)
[FONT=Arial]Each day, there are millions of missed calls and unanswered texts in the United States alone. The reason for part of this is because people are constantly misplacing their cellphones. So many people get annoyed with the sounds their phone makes that they actually turn the sounds completely off and either leave their phone on silent or on vibrate. Then, their phone rings and the panic begins because the phone is nowhere to be found.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]This has happened to every cellphone owner at one point in time or another, but there is good news. Apple now has an app that is available for download on the iPhone called Find my iPhone that can help to find that pesky phone when it’s on silent and nowhere to be found. Here is the inside scoop.

[/FONT][B][FONT=Arial]Why You Need This App[/FONT][/B]

[FONT=Arial]You should download the Find My iPhone app with [URL=""]best live wallpapers iphone 6s app[/URL] if you are someone who is constantly misplacing your phone. Chances are that you have sat down on the couch and lost your phone in the cushions or even lost your phone under your bed and freaked out, thinking it was long gone or that someone stole it. If you are the type of person who walks around using your landline phone or someone else’s phone to call your ‘lost’ cell phone repeatedly just to see if you can hear the buzzing of the vibrate setting , you need this app. You will find that with this app, you are spending less time looking for your phone and that people will be less annoyed because you will not be missing as many calls. You also should not hesitate to download this app because it’s free and it’s ridiculously helpful.

[/FONT][B][FONT=Arial]What Does Find My iPhone Do?[/FONT][/B]

[FONT=Arial]What does the [URL=""]Find My iPhone app[/URL] actually do to help you find your iPhone, you may ask. Well, Find My iPhone will help you to pinpoint the location of your phone using a map. This app is also great because even if your phone is on vibrate or silent and you lose it, it will instruct your phone to blast a loud sound for two minutes so that you can get an idea of where it was. This is much better than the call and listen for the vibrate method! Finally if your phone should ever get stolen and you have this app, it can cause all of the personal information in your phone to destroy itself so that no one has your information.[/FONT]


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