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Training Log: October 16th, 2005

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, 10-15-2005 at 11:00 PM (673 Views)
Swipe Component Practice w/ double 15lb CBs:

Front Pendulum (zero choke) x5 x5 RPT=6, RPE=2, RPD=1
supersetted with
Armpit Cast (half choke) x5 x5 RPT=3, RPE=3, RPD=1
Joint mobility during breaks
Experienced failure on my 4th set of Armpit Casts. I lost control coming down to Order, so the CBs fell inwards. I sort of caught them into diagonal shoulder parks. I took a 30 sec. break to shake myself and breathe, then did one more rep at the RPT=5 level. Hence, the lowered overall RPT score.

Power Wheel Hand Walk x10 x2

Lumbar Clover Leafs x3/direction

Basic Gladiator Press w/ 1 pood KB x5 x4
This is the Side Bridge (from Stuart McGill's Low Back Disorders book) with weight. I got the idea from Steve Maxwell's Abs, Back, Core DVD but modified the exercise to have the foot of the top leg in front of the other foot instead of on top of the other foot, as shown in the McGill book.

Long Arm Roll + Shinbox Switch + Reverse Long Arm Roll x5 x2
Lateral Shoulder Roll 10 yds/direction
Long Leg Roll 10 yds/direction - felt some good hip/back releases doing this

Because I'm still in the rehab phase of my training for my lower back/hip, I'm taking my training more in the direction of endurance and building work capacity rather than limit strength. So, I decided to cut out the Glute Ham Raise and Hamstring Curl w/ Power Wheel because for me, both of these are limit strength drills. I'm replacing them with more emphasis on the Power Wheel Hand Walk, because of the endurance required to hold the straight body while walking back and forth on the hands. In a way, its a more advanced alternative to the Advanced Bird Dog. The weighted Basic Gladiator Press has similar potential for building work capacity for the obliques and other stablizing muscles of the side of the spine. 1 pood is light enough for 5x5 and beyond, while providing enough resistance. And finally, I'm of course working towards a Swipe Density cycle, which should eventually provide great endurance training for the low back/hip area.


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