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Training Log: October 19th, 2005

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, 10-18-2005 at 11:00 PM (700 Views)
Morning Joint Mobility


Swipe Component Practice w/ double 15lb Clubbells®:

Forward Pendulum w/Lunge Step in Order Per Leg x5 x5 RPT=5, RPE=5, RPD=3
in circuits with
Armpit Cast x5 x5 RPT=5, RPE=5, RPD=1
The Forward Pendulum w/Lunge caused an irritating sensation similar to that which I experienced after sitting in a chair at work for more than 5 min. Next time I will instead add reps to the Front Pendulum while I wait for my Armpit Cast RPT to catch up. As for the Armpit Cast, 1st set was done with 1 in. choke, the remainder with no choke. Took a bit more effort than with half choke, but it wasn't that bad, as reflected by the RPE score.

Basic Gladiator Press w/ 16kg KB x5 x5 per side

Long Leg Roll x5/direction


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