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Training Log: October 18th, 2005

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, 10-17-2005 at 11:00 PM (690 Views)
Swipe Component Practice w/ double 15lb Clubbells®:

Front Pendulum w/Flat Foot Squat in Order (zero choke) x5 x5 RPT=8, RPE=1, RPD=1
supersetted with
Armpit Cast (half choke) x5 x5 RPT=5, RPE=3, RPD=1
Joint mobility during breaks

Power Wheel Hand Walk x10 x3

Long Leg Roll 10 yds/direction - felt some good hip/back releases doing thi
Lateral Shoulder Roll 10 yds/direction
Long Arm Roll + Shinbox Switch + Reverse Long Arm Roll x10 x2

Lumbar Clover Leaf/Infinity x5/direction

Spinal Rock Hurdler x5 x2
Spinal Rock Straddle x5 x2

Downward Pelvic Tilts

Immediate effect: No pain, sensation of virtual belt. Hip/low back irritation gradually returned during shower. Comes and goes with hip mobility movement.


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