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Meet Report...........

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by , 04-19-2010 at 06:44 AM (478 Views)
4/17 #54 Meet Report
This struck me as i typed the first line this meet was really just workout number 54 this year. For varied reasons, some out of my control and some by my choice, i was not where i wanted to be meet morning mentally, physically, training wise, or geographically.

After driving my son to a baseball tournament, i then had to turn around and drive the other way back to the meet sight. A good 2 hours of car time before showing up. i was debating whether my positve knee MRI results was a green light to push the squat, had no idea where my bench was, and was committed to trying to use a suit in the dl. Meet got off to a slow start so i had chance to really do an effective and long ramup up. Decided to open raw at 407 and see how it went. Jumped to 507 raw with just my belt and seemed ok. Then put my suit on and hit 606. So light i almost couldn't get it down in the suit. Happy with these decisions if not the numbers.

My bench has been awol the last few weeks, but had decent workouts the last two times in gym. Still opened raw at 275. Then jumped to 457 in a loose shirt. Then put my opener shirt on and missed 507 at lockout. Some of my training partners said i didn't roll my elbows but honestly just haven't done enough consistent heavy work to smoke what is an easy lift for me normally.

By the time DL got around it was almost 6 and i was tired and losing interest. i decided to warmup to around 407 and do my last warmup on the platform. Opened at 507 easy and fast, then jumped to 557 for a good and still clean pull. Suits change the DL start, and when i went to 601 i let my hips rise too fast and lost it out front. Not sure if suit helps me or hurts me more in DL.

Hard truth is to be as ready as i want to be i have to push my training harder. i do not want to show up ever again at a meet and lift so poorly, even it it was smart to be conservative this time. Between other commitments and priorities, cannot say honestly that is going to happen soon. However, if i pick a meet in the future, i will be all in.

Funny thing is i think i won the open class state championship. Truth is i like to win but would rather lose lifting big then win with no PRs.

Maybe more TRX is what i really need....


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