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  1. The country Maid and Her Milk Can

    by , 04-12-2010 at 05:32 AM
    A country maid was walking along with a can of milk upon her head, when she fell into the following train of reflections.” The money for which I shall sell this milk will enable me to increase my stock of eggs to three Herve Leger Dress hundred, These eggs, allowing for what may prove addle, and what may be destroyed by vermin, will produce at least two hundred and fifty chickens. The chickens will be fit to carry to market just at the time when poultry is always dear; so that by the new year I ...
  2. Training Log:Monday April 12, 2010 #73

    by , 04-12-2010 at 03:52 AM
    Grind & Ballistics Block-Week 2/Cycle 5

    Super Joints

    ETK Plus-Grinds(Medium)
    C&P 24kg/2 mins/4 ladders/2 rungs
    SQ (24kg+20kg)/11 mins/(1 ladder/5 rungs),(1 ladder/4 rungs),(1 ladders/3 rungs)
    MP (24kg+20kg)/10 mins/2 ladders/5 rungs

    Updated 04-12-2010 at 03:55 AM by mwindu1

    Training Log
  3. Training Log

    by , 04-12-2010 at 03:14 AM
    Mon 12th Week 1 PTP

    Mpress, 45kg 5reps, 40kg 5reps, 3mins rest per set

    Pull-ups, bw, 3 sets of 3 reps, 3mins rest per set

    Updated 04-13-2010 at 03:03 AM by Jonathan Boey

  4. walking

    by , 04-12-2010 at 12:23 AM (my training routines)
    six mile walk
  5. Monday 12th April 2010

    by , 04-11-2010 at 11:20 PM (Stephen's Workout Blog)
    3 rounds of:

    a) 20 BW squats
    b) 20 lunges (10 x each leg)
    c) 20 jumping lunges (10 x each leg)
    d) 20 jumping squats

    Total time: 15 minutes

    That hurt
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