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Red Boar

Training Log: March 5th, 2008

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by , 03-04-2008 at 11:00 PM (419 Views)
Deadlift 118x4 138x4 158x2x3 178x5x3
Bench press 78x8 88x7 90x6 98x5 108x4 118x2x3 120x2x2 128x2x1 120 x2x2 118x2x3 108x4 98x6 90x8 88x10 78x12
Db Flies or presses: x5x10
Deadlift till knees: 118x1x4 138x4 158x5x4 very proeminent lower back round. Should try something to correct it.
Seated goodmorning x5x5

Not so heavy as I sought before! A little soreness in the day after, but just feeling fine.


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