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by , 03-27-2009 at 08:58 PM (1085 Views)
Been taking a few weeks to reflect/process, write, rehab & soften up.

My SJ RKC 2009 experience:

Video link:

On hip mobility:

Post on lower-back pain:

Been working on hip mobility & hip flexor tightness for a weeks now, moderate progress.

Cook's "core" screen suggests that my core strength-endurance is okay but I needed work on the toe-touch and active straight leg raise (ASLR). Toe touch quickly got to touching same night, ASLR also quickly re-patterned for symmetry. Surprising!

I suppose "patterns" are legit, things you need to program..

Rested self past week after Hobart dish rack eccentric DL d'oh... had some sort of osteoarthritis-type inflammation? Went away after a few days...

Today's practice:
Work on trigger points with Knobber & Trigger Pt Therapy Workbook (particularly around scalenes, back, calves). Z mobility.

Left foot is getting more stable with practice & 1-legged DL. Reverse lunge warmup, DB goblet squat practice, overhead bare-bar squat practice, work on left leg box pistol.

10 min interval jump rope, TGU practice, eccentric calf raises, cossack/ASLR/toe touch work.

Basically addressing hip mobility, stability, left/right symmetry before I start loading..


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