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balancing asymmetry

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by , 04-14-2009 at 07:14 PM (1226 Views)
Been taking a break from lifting practice to balance out the body, studying CK-FMS and Gray Cook's ouevre...

Basically had lots of asymmetries from 10+ years of on-off sports/martial arts and realized I was adding Power to Dysfunction.

Stepped back a bit and started working on trigger points (calves, hips, shoulders in particular) and asymmetry as revealed by FMS screen... Didn't have any major fails but rather lots of asymmetries throughout screens.

Have been using SMR + use of minimal tension rather than maximal tension, foam roller + lacrosse ball. Hip mobility/flexibility is getting better re: symmetry but overall hip flexor ROM isn't great as I realized I've been overusing my lumbar extensors instead of my glutes to increase stability needed for leg ROM. D'oh!

Taking a few weeks off of "training" for practice, though, has been great, and allowed me some time to deal with the rest of my life for a bit unbuffered by endorphin rush...

Also it's been fun to start learning how to assess my teammates at a very rookie/rudimentary level, from assessing tight lats (rather than shoulder dysfunction per se) in one teammate, and being more aware of left/right lunge instabilities.

Overall I'm much better at running from a lunge position but I need to practice that.

The FMS revealed that my lats needed work as well (asymmetric, no surprise), and in particular my ASLR and reaching were even asymmetric. Been learning more about t-spine mobility too and in recent weeks my Z practice has made a little more sense as I improve my balance and movement patterns. I guess repatterning didn't really make sense until Gray Cook explained it in DVD form...

Started running a few times a week last week, started a little parkour practice but that'll have to wait until the college season is over. Still, sprinting on campus, art of efficient movement style is a lot of fun...

Got MRI for my left wrist, did I tear my TFC? We'll see!

Yesterday's HR maximum was 225, a few beats higher than my highest last year (221 or 223?). Typically don't go above 220 except in rare conditions, above 215 is not uncommon for sprinting when tired.

Recovery from Monday's practice seemed to go well, it's good that my sore points are moving around? This time it's been more my hip crests rather than lower back, a little lat tweak and minor anterior right calf swelling. Looking forward to trying Lunar Everyday one day, maybe try that out over the summer?

Been trying to play more instinctively in practice, I think that helps the speed but still need to practice certain play patterns more?

Overall, have just been resisting the urge to add power when I have been lacking basic L/R and to a lesser extent anterior/posterior symmetry. L/R has gotten soo much better in 6 weeks, another 6 weeks and it'll be pretty tight, but hip/hamm mobility/flexibility will still need to be addressed. Posture patterns still improving, and have been trying to mix up squat with stoop lifting of everyday objects... PttP without Maintaining the Squat had some consequences let me tell you.

Still gaining/losing weight pretty quickly when I want to, still on the Warrior Diet though have been less strict these last few weeks than in the months prior (dropping too much weight). Adding 5 pounds in two days measuring at same time of day (measured by Wii balance board) when I wanted to add a little mass was a little surprising, in the week before that I didn't want to change mass and flucuated less than 0.5 pounds...

Interesting though, my body is a fast learner, as is my stomach.

Did a few 8kg TGUs for practice today, first time in weeks since I realized I might have fractured my wrist at the RKC (turned out to be that possible wrist ligament tear), grip felt good. Will need to slowly rehab wrists in weeks to come.


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