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  1. Training Log: May 8th, 2006

    by , 05-08-2006 at 12:00 AM
    Monday 5/08/06

    Grease the Groove millitary press throught the day with a Purple Jump-Stretch band - 3,5,5,5 l/r (1 sets approx every 1.5 hours)

    Deadlift 5 X 5 sets @ 120kg

    1-arm row w/ 40kg KB x 5,5,5 l/r
    alternated with
    1-arm floor press w/ 40kg KB 4,4,4 l/r

    1-arm clean x 5 l/r

    Get-up sit-up w/ 24kg x 5,5,5,5

    Deadlifts are coming up really smooth. This cycle should top our around ...
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