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Training Log: January 6th, 2008

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by , 01-05-2008 at 11:00 PM (243 Views)
Overhead rack press, no boards in box, 6th from top 185x4, x5, 10th from top (eye level) 135x0, 125x3, 115x4 (5), 115x3
Weighted chin: +35x5x2, +10x5, +0x5x2
Calf Raise: 100x10x8

Building a training schedule:

Lifts to include: Box squat, sumo deadlift, weighted chin, floor press, partial floor press, overhead press in rack at varying heights, calf work, swings

Guidelines: press 4-5x/week, squat 3-4x/week, pull 2-3x/week on same day as squat, chin 2-3x/week on different day than pull, overhead work at least 1x/week on different day than other press, calves every other day, swings on off days or as backoff.

Squat, sumo, chin frequency
1) Box squat (light), sumo (medium)
2) Chin
3) Box squat (heavy)
4) Chin
5) Box squat (medium), sumo (light)
6) Chin

Press frequency
1) Floor press (heavy)
2) Partial floor press
3) Floor press (medium)
4) Overhead rack press
5) Floor press (light)


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