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Training Log: October 16th, 2008

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by , 10-15-2008 at 11:00 PM (205 Views)
BP 160x5, 170x4, 180x3, 190x2, 200x1
DBR 90x5x2, 80x5x2

200 was very hard and slow and I nearly started to tap my feet. Had to break breath-hold to yell at my spotter not to touch it. Really hard finding a competent spotter. The guy stayed in my field the entire time and kept his hands around the bar. No need for all that with just 200. If I fail, just jump in and pick it up. No need to catch it (no one's reaction time is fast enough anyway).

Decided to do calves the next day with legs. M/F seems like a good idea.


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