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Training Log: November 10th, 2008

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by , 11-09-2008 at 11:00 PM (430 Views)
SQ 225 x9 x4

Amazed that these were so easy. First two sets I did them way too quickly and got out of breath. I was up and down like a piston and wasn't setting my breath right at the top because these simply weren't heavy enough to force me to brace. Kept bar very low and that certainly helped. Felt everything in glutes, "upper" hams and adductors. Last two sets were done with a slight pause at top for breath and they felt almost too easy.

Just a few months ago I could barely get three reps with 225 and tonight I got four sets of nine. Wow.

Dinner 1 (Tuna sandwich), then back for bench and rows...

BP 170x5, 180x4, 190x3, 200x1+ fail
DBR 105x5, 95x5

Failed to get through the 170--210 54321 progression again. Frustrated. will try again W and F, but will cut volume and increase jumps:

165x4, 180x3, 195x2, 210x1
185x3, 200x2, 215x1

Weighed 163 in just undies. This was after a meal. Have been weighing 161.5 consistently when "dry."


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