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Training Log: November 15th, 2008

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by , 11-14-2008 at 11:00 PM (548 Views)
SQ 270 x3 x10
BP 135x5, 165x4, 180x3, 195x1+fail
DL 315x3, 365x2, 415x1

Warmed up with protyazhka combo, for 5 reps, then 135 and 225. Work sets were hell almost immediately. Took very long 10-min break after set 7 and carried on well. Bar stayed mostly in place and I think I've learned to put the bar where it wants to be. This is very different from week one where I kept trying to keep it at the bottom of my traps and it kept trying to go to the bottom of my pos. delt. Right thumb started tingling on set four and five, but I altered my grip a bit and it went away.

Decided to go ahead and do my last hard bench and pull workout today instead of interfering with recovery later in the week. Today was proof that bench suffers from heavy squats. Failed with a weight I've doubled many, many times after work sets.

Undaunted I decided to pull to see how much I could do after a very long and intense squat session. 415 conventional is 98% of my best ever (425) and I managed to get it with some grinding and with good form. I suspect that fresh I'm good for nearly 440 right now and after next week's Delayed Training Effect I may be good for 455 conventional. After Feduleyev (if I make it) and some specific tapering for the conventional deadlift, I may get over 500 lbs.


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