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07/02 and 07/03 - Kettlebells and Light Karate Session

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by , 07-04-2012 at 02:07 AM (3903 Views)
On the 2nd I did an early morning kettlebell training session. Getting up at 5am stinks, no wonder why I like working nights.

Usual dynamic warm-up of squats and lunges mixed with some jogging and dynamic stretching.

KB specific warm-up. Halo squats both ways - one legged orbits both ways - KB complex - one arm one leg press and hold. 60 sec each except holds were 30 sec each side. I used the 14kg.

Goal was to complete 100 swings/push-ups/goblet squats in a short amount of time. I don't think anyone finished though. I managed 90/75/60. I used the 16kg for the swings and the 14kg for the goblet squats. Did most of my push-ups on my knuckles as well.

We then worked one arm clean and presses. 3x10 each side (clean each rep) with the 16kg. 2 min rest between sets.

Finished with some core work Tabata-style. Alternated double KB clean static holds (2x16kg) with planks.

Stretching to cool down after the kettlebells. Typically I would work pull-ups after but since I was doing back to back sessions this week (I also worked out on the 3rd) I decided to pass and try the next time. Back to back kettlebell sessions suck. Fortunately I worked a lot of kihon and kata today so that helped get rid of a lot of soreness. Unfortunately for me, today was "stability day" so a lot more overhead work was on the agenda. Definitely sore now and didn't get the pull-ups in unfortunately.

Different dynamic warm-up than usual but still along the same lines of squats, lunges, and dynamic stretching.

KB specific warm-up (I used the 12kg). Halo squats each way x60 sec and orbits each way x60 sec.

We then did a conditioning circuit. The idea was to finish in under 6 minutes. 10 clean and presses each side (clean each rep), then 10 overhead squats each side, then 10 windmills each side, and finally 10 snatches each side. I used the 14kg for the first set and got 3:46. I dropped to 12kg for the second set and finished in just under 4 min, and the third took almost 5 min as by this point I had a ripped callus and it was difficult to grip the kettlebell.

We then did 2 sets of one-armed farmer's walk each side (I used the Beast for the first set and the 44kg for the second) and 2 sets of waiter's walk each side (I used the 24kg). We then finished with some double overhead sit-ups (2x10kg for 3x6) and some PNF stretching with some Jump Stretch bands.


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