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Unbreakable Adam T Glass

28 Dec 08

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by , 12-28-2008 at 12:11 PM (1346 Views)
2008 almost gone. World in flames, depressions right around the corner, madness in the streets, Is that all true?

Welcome to the age of media sensation. Anyone who studies history can tell you the world is no more screwed up now then any other time. In fact it is a lot more civil. There was a time when looking the wrong way at someone ment being ran through with a long blade, or being tortured. To be sure there are still some crazy parts of the world (Africa, The middle east, California) but for the most part the educated apes are doing better these days.

Training has been great this last week. I have been eating like a fat kid and making great progress. Every worked out was wrapped up with either BBQ sandwiches or Chicken Tacos, and i have ate Ice cream 3 times in the last 5 days, which is more ice cream then i remember eating the whole summer.

I have extended the time of my workouts by a lot, with a lot more waiting around and rest, so i feel free tackling all the weights. I do not know how many more times i will explain this-but if you dont care about size, you would do well to stretch out your workouts and hit each set hard and focused.



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