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Unbreakable Adam T Glass

Last day of 2008

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by , 12-31-2008 at 06:17 AM (1361 Views)
2008 has been a focused year of many PRs, so i guess the real PR is continuing to train on track and hit my target numbers when i set them.

It has become important to free style more and more to make room for specific practice for my shows. So i have become very fluid with my training. I am making more progress now then ever before. Does this mean free style is the way to go? Not always. i think if a person is able to set a schedule than that is best. I made so much progress from Nov 06 to Aug 07 because all i had was my KBs and a BB set. I pretty much spent an hour each night swinging, snatching, jerking, pressing and juggling my KBs. I know that set me up for the nova speed progress of 2008.

some things are always there--the Some kind of press, some kind of pull, some kind of curl (either plate or leverage disadvantaged sort) more and more i am leaning on MP ladders, Rows with a heavy DB, pull ups, and plate curls. my grip strength is at a point where i dont train it per say- i just do what ever i do and continue to make headway.

My #1 goal of 2009 is continue to bring the converts in, show them they are more they believe. What i do for self is pale compared to what i can do for others. Seeing a client press a 16kg for the first time makes me happier then when i BUP a 40kg + a plate. Watching that light come in their head-"I CAN do this!" they become a new person from that moment on.


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