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Unbreakable Adam T Glass

Beware of whom you listen to

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by , 03-04-2009 at 09:58 AM (1296 Views)
I will always tell this to anyone who will listen. Use caution when you read the various pieces of "information" on the web. I see a lot of down right shitty strength and conditioning articles and posts. People who are flat out weak are posing as experts. Some people think seniority makes them right, for example you will see "I have been lifting for 20 years..." But you look at the person and they are medicore with moments of average.

You need to pick your own goals, and find a way to make them happen. I suggest you find someone who has been there and done that to coach you. if you're doing something never before done, find someone who was close.

The internet is becoming filled with repeaters. They say what they heard, but they don't understand the material. They like to quote people and books and point out what others did-but they have no accomplishments to speak of. Beware of these people.


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