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Friday 16th April 2010

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by , 04-15-2010 at 11:01 PM (837 Views)
The unilateral leg work I wanted to do all tested poorly so I tested some grip work and found pinching tested much better.

[B]Plate Curls[/B]
a) Warmed up with 5kg plate for sets of 5 l/r
b) 10kg for singles, doubles and triples with left
c) 10kg for triples and sets of 5 with right
d) Managed a negative with a 15kg plate with right
e) Roughly even volume l/r

[B]Pinch Lift[/B]
25kg plate pinch holds for 6sec x 3 l/r

Randy - 9:55
75 x 35kg barbel hang power snatch for time.

Followed by...

1 round of:

a) 20 BW squats
b) 20 lunges
c) 20 jumping lunges
d) 20 jumping squats


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