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Tuesday 20th April 2010

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by , 04-20-2010 at 01:09 AM (1189 Views)
[B]Density Training Weight Duration Rest Reps[/B]
A1) Military press 30kg/35kg 25sec 10sec 8/11
A2) Lunge 30kg/40kg 45sec 20sec 12/16
A3) Power clean 30kg/40kg 30sec 30sec 7/10
A4) Goblet squat 16kg/20kg 45sec 2min 12/20

Perform A1 - A4, rest 2min and repeat with heavier weight. Then the same for the next set of exercises.

B1) Back squat 40kg/50kg 55sec 10sec 16/18
B2) Snatch-grip DL 40kg/50kg 55sec 20sec 12/16
B3) Push press 40kg/50kg 25sec 30sec 7/10
B4) DL 70kg/100kg 30sec 2min 5/7

4 rounds of 30sec work and 30sec rest with 25kg
15, 13, 11, 11 reps

Total weight moved for the session = 8,727kg


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