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Friday 23rd April 2010

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by , 04-22-2010 at 07:06 PM (1067 Views)
22.5kg doing 3s, 2s, and 1s with right and 2s and 1s with left. Roughly even number of reps.
Single Leg Split Squat[/B]
50kg x 2 x 10 l/r

The GM experiment seems to have mutated into something else. The bio-feedback testing has become integrated into my training somewhat - such as for deciding when to stop a workout or when to call my GTG work a day, for selecting which grip feat I will work on and so forth. But it has quickly moved from being the centerpiece to just another tool.

On that note I will be returning to daily deadlift training using Pavel's singles program, incorporating single leg work once or twice a week, heavy TGUs, progressive BUP work and regular cardio selected from VWC, running, Muay Thai, INSANITY and crossfit style WODs.

1) Break 2.5 x BW deadlift and then hit a 500lbs 1RM
2) BUP 32kg
3) One arm military press 40kg = half body weight
4) Survive Muay Thai training without dieing


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