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Steve Cotter

Training Log: August 26th, 2005

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by , 08-25-2005 at 11:00 PM (324 Views)
B-dawg came by for dinner (Brett Jones aka breaking strength)

In between playing with the kids we fit in some play time:


Combo: 125lb KB
1 arm Swing x 1 + 1 arm Clean x 2 + 1 arm Push/Press x 1 L/R

Around the Body Pass: 125lb x 12/12 x 1

2 man throw and catch (face each other, stand about 8-10 ft apart and throw and catch from the outside of the body):
Same side-24kg x 10/10 x 1
Cross Throw- 24kg x 10 x 1
Same Side; 32kg x 10/10 x 1

Open Palm Clean--Catch and Throw:
16kg x 10/10 x 1
24kg x 10/10 x 1

Bottoms Up Floor Press: 32kg x 3(L)/0 (R) this is a study in tension, one of my new favorites

Pinch Grip 40lb blob - 2 L + 1 R (lift from ground into upright row)


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