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Steve Cotter

  1. Training Log: August 16th, 2005

    by , 08-15-2005 at 11:00 PM
    Wanted to try out some new grips, suggested by Mark Reifkind, one of the smartest coaches I've ever met:

    Used gymnastic grips througout:

    1 arm Snatch: 40kg x 20(R)/12(L) x 1 (2:30) --Left grip had too much slack and I couldn't get a good position with the hand
    Rest 3:00
    32kg x 20/20 x 1 (2:45)
    Rest 3:00
    24kg x 20/20 x 1 (2:20)
    Rest 3:00

    1 arm Swings: 64kg x 20/20 ...
  2. Training Log: August 15th, 2005

    by , 08-14-2005 at 11:00 PM
    The travel caught up to me. Rest day.
  3. Training Log: August 14th, 2005

    by , 08-13-2005 at 11:00 PM
    First structured training since Aug 6:

    Jerks: 2x32kg

    160 reps in 20:00 - 8rpm every min for 20 min

    *This really tested my conditioning. Need to find the optimal cross-training and blend of aerobic-anaerobic; some fartlik or other interval-type sprint-jog may be in order.

    **200 reps in 20:00 is still a short-term goal (within 5-6 weeks); will have to reduce the rest periods in first 10 min to be able to get about 65% of total reps in first ...
  4. Training Log: August 13th, 2005

    by , 08-12-2005 at 11:00 PM
    Training Log: travel
  5. Training Log: August 8th, 2005

    by , 08-07-2005 at 11:00 PM
    Aug 8-12:

    anywhere from 5-8 hours each day of filming. Probably as much total KB volume as I've ever had in one week.
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