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Steve Madden

Monday March 23, Light Day

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by , 03-23-2009 at 07:45 AM (896 Views)
Feeling good and strong with presses today. To get a better hip snap, I've been thinking of the movement as an effort to curl my tail under as quickly/strongly as possible at the top. It's been helping me involve the hips more naturally.

MP: 24kg 5(1,2,3)

Sn: 16kg X 120/7 min
-Snatches felt great today. Used same tail-curling visualization to good effect. Need to work a little on hinging back/no sitting down, but it's coming along. 3 minutes straight at 20 reps a minute, 1 minute rest, then another straight 20 sets. I'm hoping to get one more 20 set minute in each week before I have to rest.


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