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Steve Madden

Tuesday, April 14: Variety Day 1

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by , 04-14-2009 at 01:06 PM (941 Views)
TGU with 24 kg, focus on packing the shoulder, keeping elbow locked, and bracing for a punch.

Snatches w/24kg: 3 sets 5 and 2 sets 3 with a focus on pelvis orientation at lockout, driving with glutes ,and taming the arch

Crush curls: 5(5) with 16kg, focus on crushing bell, tensing glutes and abs

Fig. 8 to hold: 3(15)/24kg focus on glute drive, hinging at hips, and bracing abs at the top

Russian twist: 3(10)/16kg, focus on glute and ab tension. Need to work on these.


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