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by , 04-22-2019 at 04:31 AM (264 Views)
Whether you are already an upper level executive or are working yourself up the career ladder, all you need it's create [URL=""]administrative resume[/URL], professional coaches agree that the following are important tips to ensure that the first and lasting impression you make is one of excellence.

Michele Dobos, PHR, Assistant Vice President, Employment and Recruitment Manager, Human Resources Manager of Fidelity Federal Bank, West Palm Beach; and, current President of the Human Resources Association of Palm Beach County, said, “there are many jobs in the banking industry for people with retail and customer service. They must be willing to make a career change and often, start over. But we give them rigorous training and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges for many of the older workers I interview is often their lack of computer skills,” she said.

Not so for Judy O’Brien, Stuart, age 83, who recently completed computer skills training while earning a Computer Professional designation from the Treasure Coast One Stop Career Center. “For a long time, I was reluctant to learn to use the computer because my mindset was stuck on my IBM typewriter. My mentor, Kathy Winstanley, Director of the Treasure Coast One Stop Centers sponsored by the Workforce Development Board, insisted that I try computer training. Now I love using the computer and all the software,” she said.

O’Brien began her second career with the Senior Aides program in Martin County for workers 55 and older. Administered by the One Stop Career Center and the program provides training and placement in non-profit agencies with paid part time salaries for one year. O’Brien proved herself so valuable that after a year of part time work, she was hired full time as a receptionist handling multiple phone lines and answering inquiries from customers.
Kathy Winstanley says, “in addition to the senior aides program, we are prepared to assist older workers who have been laid off and need to work full time. We help them with their resumes and their interviewing skills.”

“A major challenge existing for older workers is that they find searches difficult to sustain over long periods of time. They become discouraged and will look for excuses to slack off,” says Tom Shea. “They must find ways to stay motivated in spite of the headlines screaming there is a 6% unemployment rate. Instead, they need to concentrate on becoming a part of the 94% who are still employed.” Shea cautions older workers to stop thinking of themselves as too old or overqualified. He also says, “Continue networking, contribute in some way, and focus on how your achievements relate to current industry trends. Arrange activities where you will remain on the radar screen.”
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