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  1. Training Log: January 14th, 2007

    by , 01-13-2007 at 11:00 PM
    GS Training

    9 Minute Snatch Set (76?L/80R) @ 16kg

    Good set. Easier than yesterday. Question mark on Left because I lost count.

  2. Training Log: January 13th, 2007

    by , 01-12-2007 at 11:00 PM
    GS Training

    22L/22R Snatches @ 24kg (1:40) DD bell was tearing up my hands so I cut it short
    500M Row (1:57)
    8 Minute Snatch Set @ 16kg 68L/70R

    Workout completed in 16 minutes.

    Set the bell down for < 5 Seconds around rep 45 to check my right hand.

  3. Training Log: January 11th, 2007

    by , 01-10-2007 at 11:00 PM
    No GS Training..Strength/Heavy Ballistics

    6X6 Dbl LCC&P @ 2/24kg (10:22)
    Rest 2+ Minutes
    6X11/11 Swings @ 40kg (10:15)

    Completed 23:15

    All swings between chest and waist level. Grip felt strong on these.
  4. Training Log: January 10th, 2007

    by , 01-09-2007 at 11:00 PM
    Morning GS Training

    8 Minute Snatch Set @ 16kg (80L/80R)

    Rest 5 or so minutes

    1X50L/50R Swings @ 24kg
    1X30+20/30+20 Swings @ 24kg (Completed all reps on left, then right).

    All 200 swings completed in 7 minutes

    Intended fast pace on snatches. Bell was painfully cold this morning and my hands went numb. Did first 80 reps in 3:45. Had to set the bell down at 7:30 for a few seconds to readjust my grip.
  5. Training Log: January 8th, 2007

    by , 01-07-2007 at 11:00 PM
    ZHealth Level 1 Neural Warmup

    GS Training

    Because Hands were Healing, I decided to do Jerks to work overhead position and conditioning.

    6X10/10 Jerks @ 24kg (120 completed in 10 minutes)
    15X6/6 Jerks @ 24kg (216 completed at 20 minute mark)

    300 Total Jerks Completed in 28:02

    This is a PR. Last time I was unable to complete 300 in under 30. I could have kept going with 10 reps on the right, but the left ...
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