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Leadership and Supervision

Leadership and Supervision

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by , 09-13-2019 at 07:18 AM (21 Views)
It goes without saying that being a leader or a supervisor is not easy and requires responsibility. A lot of research papers are written on that account, not everyone is able to take a leading position and guide people. Despite all the difficulties people may encounter, I see myself capable of being a leader. First of all, I have always considered leadership to be one of the most interesting notions in human life. Leading people needs moral and spiritual strengths, which gives hope and inspires me. In other words, when I see that people are following me willingly, and when I realize that my leadership makes them stronger and helps to believe in themselves, I feel that I am needed. In fact, I always enjoy the process of communicating with different people and find it interesting to manage my relationships with them. Secondly, leadership and supervision usually motivates me to become a better person. To be more exact, a good leader is a person who can understand and meet the needs of other people and at the same time is just and reasonable. Thus, when I see that people perceive me as a person whom they can trust and rely on, I feel a strong desire to improve my personality. Finally, I would like to be a leader or a supervisor because such a position gives me a chance to make valuable contribution to the society and influence people that surround me.
To start with, I am convinced that all people are equal and each person has a right to be respected and appreciated regardless of his or her social position. That is why a good leader should consider every person’s freedom of choice which is an individual’s opportunity and autonomy to perform an action selected from at least two available options. In addition, I am convinced that humanity is an inseparable aspect of successful society. Moreover, it is impossible to live a balanced life without justice because it regulates the proper order of things in the world. Last but not least important value of mine is self-improvement. In other words, I appreciate people who always strive for greater things, and are ready to accept changes that can improve their personality. Undoubtedly, such values can make me more successful in either supervisor or leadership roles. For instance, leadership is effective only when people trust and respect their leader. Therefore, if a leader wants to be respected, he or she needs to respect the rights and freedoms of their subordinates. To say more, being humane is important for a successful leader or supervisor. The Biblical law that says “do unto others as you would have them do to you” has not been forbidden yet. Thus, being a better leader means being respected, but not feared. Moreover, being just is necessary for a leader since people cannot be faithful to those who undermine or deceive them. A flexible leader, that is a person who is ready to improve his/her personality, will never be at a loss if facing difficulties. A leader has more chances to succeed if being able to adjust to the world.
If I faced this kind of an employee problem, first and foremost I would have a conversation with the officer. I would speak about the seriousness of the issue, and ask why he or she does nothing to improve professional skills. I believe that often people fail to accomplish their professional duties due to some personal reasons. That is why I would try to find out the true cause of the officer’s violating behavior. Still, whatever the problem, an employee has to be aware of the consequences of his/her behavior. That is why I would notify the officer in advance about the responsibility he or she has to take. It would be some kind of punishment that would make the officer seriously consider the problem. Each police officer should be able to work at above-average levels and achieve meaning and satisfaction in so doing. Consequently, police officers should also be well motivated in order to achieve satisfaction. That is why I would try to motivate the officer to work better by means of my personal example. Still, in order not to jeopardize the cases in the future, I would make the officer aware of the possibility of being fired.



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