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Training Log: September 2nd, 2005

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by , 09-01-2005 at 11:00 PM (486 Views)
DL 225 x 5
225 x 5

Wuss weight, experimenting with hip and sholder placement.

Sp 75 x 4
65 x 5

10 lbs jump was a bit much for today but I needed some punishment after the light DL

Pull Ups: set of 3
set of 4

Pull ups are a new adition, and while Senior party members can laugh, I have NEVER done a body weight pull up before today. My thanks to Comrd. Pavel.
I am using a very close grip, my range of motion is not very far but it is not pathetic either. Head comes up above the bar or it is not a rep. Using mostly lats to move but I am finding my bicepts, tricepts and surprisingly my Abs all feel this exercise hardcore.


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