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the start of a new me

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by , 03-22-2009 at 04:35 AM (691 Views)
So I've decided that this is the turning point of my health status. No longer am I going to have fits and spurts of exercise and eat crap.

The crap is gone, I'm eating healthier than I ever have, and the exercise is on and in full swing!

start with 10 mins of Pavel / Steve Maxwell inspired joint exercises
1 min swings (16kg) then 2 Turkish Get Ups with 12kg
repeat 6 times
chest press with 16kg, 8 times each arm
regular press with 16kg, 8 times each arm, really working the negatives
repeat chest
rows with 16kg, 15 each arm
repeat chest
repeat regular press

Finished off with 5 x 5 hanging leg raises (knees still fairly bent though) and plenty of hamstring streches inbetween each set... I WILL achieve a correct form hanging leg raise with straight legs!


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