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Ground Reaction Forces During the Kettlebell Snatch


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This semester I took a lab procedures class in force platform measurements. For my final project I measured the vertical ground reaction forces (VGRF) during the kettlebell snatch. The results were pretty interesting. I was using a 24kg kettlebell which is about 235 Newtons. Peak VGRF were more than twice that on the non-lifting side (~500N) and slightly less than that on the lifting side (~400N).

Dr. Mark Cheng

And in application...

Funny to read this thread after I was telling the NZ guys I was working with to practice snatching on terra firma instead of the thick mats in their gym!

Normally, I don't have much trouble snatching a 32kg, but with the 3 layers of floor padding in this MMA-focused gym that I was teaching in, a single snatch (right handed) took WAY more effort than I expected!

The workshop participants immediately felt the difference as well, watching their snatch weights & reps climb tremendously with the combination of hard ground and Hard Style!


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Although you could make an argument that feelings can be measured.
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This thread is quite a joule but would someone care to expound on the significance of this experiment. I can see there are bigger numbers on the non-lifting side. But anyone who has ever snatched knows this already. When I snatch, for example, I lift the front half of my non-lifting foot and then I synchronize a forceful drive into the ground with the hip snap.

So, the fact that there is more pressure on the non-lifting side is no shocker. But what do the actual numbers indicate? Why are they interesting? Would a scientist expect them to be closer in value? Further apart? The same?


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So is that 900N total measured?

Actually 800N since the peak forces took place at slightly different times on the two force platforms. I thought that was pretty significant since that's more than 3x the weight of the kettlebell.


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