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    Default barrels, bags, and rocks---oh my...

    Well, I am currently taking some time off to gain some mass and loose some weight but I cant seem to let go of strength training in some sense of the word. So, yesterday I bought 2 empty 55 gallon drum that I plan on welding a 2 inch thick steel bar too and filling with an assortment of things. From rocks to water to just plain old plates. The bar height will allow for a at knee cap pull which can be changed by standing on elevated objects or placing the barrels higher. I am shooting for a 1000 pound + quarter deadlift with this contraption in the future.
    Also, picked a few large rocks up off the road and plan on taking them for some nice walks accross the yard. One weighs damn close to 400 so it will be fun trying to best distances and the cardio from stone carrying is amazing.
    As always, the COCs will start to get some use. I have closed number 2 but need to get back on track to mashing #3 and eventually 4.
    All of this while training like a bodybuilder?? I think i can do it.
    Happy Holidays!
    Rick Walker

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    Default Re: barrels, bags, and rocks---oh my...

    I like the attitude rick ! keep at it and be true to your goals!


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